Cooking System

Pot/Bowl Combo: Snowpeak Mini Solo Cookset, 6.4 oz.
Spork: Snowpeak Titanium Spork, .6 oz.
Gas: MSR Butane, 4 oz.
Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket, 2.6 oz.
Water Bottle: Nalgene UL, 3.5 oz.
Water Reservoirs: Platypus 70 oz. & 34 oz.
Water Purifier: Aquafira Treatment (1 oz.) & Sawyer Squeeze (4 oz.)
Paracord: 550 Paracord 30′, 2.5 oz.

Also included… Bic lighter (.7 oz.) and Stuff Sack (1 oz.) to hold everything

This cooking system is pretty popular set-up from previous hikers – it’s a nice combination of light weight, but reliable equipment. It’s simple – not too much, not too little.

I have experience with my stove set-up and it hasn’t failed me yet, water boils quickly and the pots are easy to clean.

I’ve included a Ultralite Nalgene – uncommon for most hikers, but Nalgene bottles have worked for my consistently for years. I’m dedicated because they work, so I’m willing to add a couple ounces (over a gatorade/smart water bottle).
I have two water purifying systems – the Sawyer Squeeze will be my primary and the Aquafira Treatment pills as backup. The biggest downside to the pills is that they take 20+ minutes before the water is safe to drink, in previous experience I haven’t tasted the off flavors that some people experience with the pills.

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