Phone w/ case: Iphone X, 7.54 oz.
Charging Cable/Box: Amazon Tough Cable, 1.5 oz.
Headphones: Apple Headphones, .5 oz
Power Bank: Anker 20100, 12.5 oz.
Headlamp: Petzyl Actik, 3 oz.


Writing Pad/Utensil: Small Notebook w/ Pen, 6.6 oz.
Book(s): Various, no more than 10 oz.


Knife: Opinel No. 10, 2.5 oz.
Duct Tape: Wrapped around Hand Sanitizer, about ~7 feet
Sunglasses: Warby Parker Lowry, 5.6 oz.
AT Guidebook: 2019 Northbound A.T. Guide, 8.3 oz.
Stuff Sack: Sea to Summit 4L, 1 oz.

I’ve had many questions about phone use on the trail – whether I’ll have service, how I will recharge, and is it even useful. Almost all points of the trail are within cell phone service or within a few miles of service – it’s 2019 and even the Appalachian Trail is within range of cell phone towers. My phone will have a PDF version of my AT Guide and will be helpful to locate towns to resupply. The power bank is the best rated one I could find for its price.

One weight saving tactic I used is that the charger and the headlamp both use the same cable, I’ll be able to use the charging box to charge all my electronics. The headlamp is USB charged, which made it more expensive, but lighter and easier to handle (no batteries).

Haley gave me an awesome gift in preparation for my hike – a small, leather bound notebook that I’ll be able to use to write and take notes. This with a weatherproof pen will be able to hold up the elements throughout the entirety of my hike. I plan on bringing small books to read along the hike, as I finish them I’ll be able to swap out when Haley comes to visit.

The Opinel Knife is sturdy, foldable, and lightweight. It’s about a 4 inch blade, so it will be useful in many aspects – I purposely avoided a Swiss Army knife, the blades are too small. Paracord will be useful to hang my food on trees away from the campsite, combined with a rodent proof bag I shouldn’t encounter any problems with keeping my food safe.

I haven’t decided how much duct tape I will bring, or how I will store it, but it obviously has many uses. My plan for now is to wrap a good amount on a pill bottle for any time use. I’m not a typical sunglass user, but I figure for comfort in the summer months when I am outside all day – the weight and cost are worth it.

Two guidebooks are crucial to my success on the hike – the official Appalachian Trail Conservancy guidebook (thanks Paul and Brenda!!) and the AWOL Guidebook. The ATC is a little too large to carry, but it will be in reserve for use when Haley visits. The AWOL Guidebook is the most popular guide and is completely invaluable.

Everything above will be stuffed into a waterproof stuff sack – this bag will be my first selection when it comes to leaving something behind due to weight (I don’t anticipate this problem). All these items are here to enhance my hike both in leisure and walking.

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