Enlightened Equipment Revelation, 20 oz. (Rated 30 Degrees)
Therma Rest Z Lite Sol, 14 oz.

The EE Revelation is a quilt, so instead of zipping to the top like a standard sleeping bag, it only has a couple buttons and sinch straps to tighten it around your body. Used with the sleeping pad it is a lightweight, heat saving alternative to the standard bag set-up.

I decided to only go as low as 30 Degrees for my quilt, I won’t be experiencing temperatures below 30, with only a slight chance at the beginning. The benefit of using a quilt is that during the summer months I can only use it when necessary based on night time temperatures.

The Therma Rest is a little bulky, but it will provide great relief for my back on the ground. It can also be used as a seat during quick stops. The main reason I made this purchase was due to the cost/weight ratio. The more comfortable options are just too expensive.


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