Gossamer Gear The Two, w/ Stakes & Stuff Sack, 30 oz.
Black Diamond Ergo Cork Trekking Poles, 18 oz.

Easily the most expensive purchase of all my gear. I am ok with sacrificing a few extra ounces to get some extra breathing space – it’s perfect to relax in, with all my gear comfortably next to me. Setting it up is a breeze, two people is great, but I’ve done it with ease by myself. The tent requires my trekking poles to set up – each is propped up on either side and serve as the anchors for the entire tent. For simple securing only 6 stakes are needed, 4 on each side and 2 for each atrium.

I don’t plan on using a footprint, however I know that I will have to be very selective in my set-up location. I’m debating on whether to take the guylines or not, at the very least they will be in reserve.

I’ve spent only a couple nights in the tent, so I intend to do a more comprehensive review either half way or at the completion of the hike. So far I am impressed, but I’m sure my opinion will be seasoned after a few nights of wind, rain, and other elements.



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