Towel: REI Lite Towel, Large, 6.1 oz.
Trowel: Vargo Dis, .6 oz.
First Aid Kit: 2.75 oz.
Insect Repellent: Jungle Juice, 3 oz.
Tooth Brush/Paste: Brush (Cut in Half), .3 oz. Sensodyne, 3.7 oz.
Floss: .3 oz.
Finger Nail Clippers: Small, .6 oz.
Hand Sanitizer: 3.4 oz.
Toilet Paper: 2 Rolls, 8 oz.

Advil, 40 Count, .9 oz.
Biotin, 40 Count, .5 oz.
Men’s One-A-Day, 40 Count, 2.7 oz.

Blistex, .3 oz.
Tick Key, .2 oz.
Body Glide, 2.6 oz.
Stuff Sack, 1 oz.

If there is one area in which I’m not limiting myself and have no restrictions for weight it is the hygiene and toiletries list. I’m not a clean freak or germaphobe, but I understand the clear importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic lifestyle when living outdoors for months on end. I’ve made item choices that will be easy to replace in a town or when Haley visits.

A question I often get is “How will you go to the bathroom?”. Well that answer is a combination of outhouses, town stops, and a trowel and toilet paper. If a clean or semi-clean toilet isn’t available, I’ll be taking my talents to the great outdoors.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are an easy inclusion, both will serve me more the further I get into the hike as I get into warmer and wetter climates. The first-aid kit has a myriad of different objects…

These medications are to help supplement nutrition while being in the middle of the woods, I know I won’t be getting my normal vitamin intake so I made sure to include a little extra boost.

Everything will be stuffed inside the stuff sack for easy use – I imagine this will be a go-to bag after getting the tent set-up and relaxing for the night.

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