Hiking Plan – Prior to Start

The listing below is a simple, non-rigid hiking plan starting on March 3rd, constructed as a guideline to give myself an understanding of places I can meet people, how many days off I can take to reach my goal, and a baseline to plan for sleeping accommodations. This plan below hovers around the 20 miles per day hiking plan, which is my goal. There are no break (zero) days listed and few days with less than 10 miles. This will serve as a simple guide, my daily hiking plan will change drastically, take the below with a grain of salt.

Goal start date: March 3rd
Goal end date: July 6th

Plan start date: March 3rd
Plan end date: June 24th

March 3rd – START, hike 8.1 miles to Hawk Mountain Shelter
March 4th – hike 15.8 miles to Lance Creek Campsites
March 5th – hike 22.7 miles to Low Gap Shelter
March 6th – hike 13.4 miles to Cheese Factory Site (alt. 2 miles more to Tray Mountain Shelter)
March 7th – hike 17.5 miles to Plumorchard Gap Shelter (alt. 2.3 miles more to Wheeler Knob campsite)
March 8th – hike 4.4 out of Georgia

North Carolina:
March 8th – hike 15.4 miles to Carter Gap Shelter
March 9th – hike 12.1 miles to Rock Gap Shelter
March 10th – hike 14.8 miles to Wayah Shelter
March 11th – hike 15.5 miles to A. Rufus Morgan Shelter
March 12th – hike 1.8 miles to grocery store, resupply, hike 16.2 miles to Brown Fork Gap Shelter
March 13th – hike 12.8 miles to Fontana Dam Shelter

Great Smoky Mountains National Park:
March 14th – enter park, hike 14.8 miles to Russell Field Shelter (alt. 2.9 miles more to Spence Field Shelter)
March 15th – hike 16.4 miles to Double Spring Gap Shelter
March 16th – hike13.7 miles to Icewater Spring Shelter
March 17th – hike 20.3 miles to Cosby Knob Shelter
March 18th – hike 8 miles to exit park, hike 2.4 miles to Standing Bear Farm Hostel

Tennessee/North Carolina Border:
March 19th – hike 15.5 miles to Roaring Fork Shelter
March 20th – hike 14.7 miles to Deer Park Mountain Shelter
March 21st – hike 3.2 miles to Hot Springs, N.C., resupply, relax for the day, stay in Hostel at Laughing Heart Lodge
March 22nd – hike 19.6 miles to Little Laurel Shelter
March 23rd – hike 22.8 miles to Hogback Ridge Shelter
March 24th – hike 20.7 miles to No Business Knob Shelter
March 25th – hike 23.3 miles to Cherry Gap Shelter
March 26th – hike 17.6 miles to Roan High Knob Shelter

March 27th – hike 15.6 miles to Wilder Mine Hollow Group Campsite
March 28th – hike 19.1 miles to Moreland Gap Shelter
March 29th – hike 24 miles to Vandeventer Shelter
March 30th – hike 22.7 miles to Abingdon Gap Shelter
March 31st – hike 6.5 miles, enter Virginia, hike 3.5 miles, enter Damascus for the night to resupply

Miles Hiked in March: 470.1; AVG – 16.2 miles per day

Southwest Virginia:
April 1st – hike 16 miles to Lost Mountain Shelter
April 2nd – hike 23.5 miles to Old Orchard Shelter
April 3rd – hike 23.9 miles to Partnership Shelter
April 4th – hike 26.3 miles to Knot Maul Branch Shelter
April 5th – hike 20.1 miles to Jenkins Shelter
April 6th – hike 23.2 miles to Jenny Knob Shelter
April 7th – hike 14.5 miles to Wapiti Shelter

Central Virginia:
April 8th – resupply in Pearisburg, hike 25.6 miles to Rice Field Shelter
April 9th – hike 25.3 miles to War Spur Shelter
April 10th – hike 18.2 miles to Niday Shelter
April 11th – hike 23.7 miles to Johns Spring Shelter
April 12th – hike 23.8 miles to Fullhardt Knob Shelter
April 13th – hike 20 miles to Cove Mountain Shelter
April 14th – hike 17.2 miles to Thunder Hill Shelter
April 15th – hike 25.1 miles to Punchbowl Shelter
April 16th – hike 25.3 miles to Seeley-Woodworth Shelter
April 17th – hike 20.4 miles to Maupin Field Shelter
April 18th – resupply in Reids Gap, VA, hike 15.8 miles to Paul C. Wolfe Shelter

April 19th – hike 12.7 miles to Calf Mountain Shelter
April 20th – hike 20.4 miles to Loft Mountain Campground
April 21st – hike 14 miles to Hightop Hut
April 22nd – hike 23.9 miles to Rock Spring Hut
April 23rd – hike 24.8 miles to Matthew Arms Campground

Northern Virginia:
April 24th – hike 22.2 miles to Jim & Molly Denton Shelter
April 25th – hike 20.3 miles to Rod Hollow Shelter
April 26th – hike 21.1 miles to David Lesser Memorial Shelter

West Virginia – No overnight stops, Resupply in Harpers Ferry, W. VA,

April 27th – hike 12.2 miles to Harpers Ferry Hostel
April 28th – hike 20 miles to Pine Knob Shelter
April 29th – hike 13.1 miles to Raven Rock Shelter

April 30th – hike 19.8 miles to Rocky Mountain Shelters

Miles hiked in April: 595.6 Miles; AVG 19.8 miles a day

May 1st – hike 19.2 miles to Toms Run Shelter
May 2nd – hike 22.4 miles to Backpackers’ Campsite
May 3rd – hike 22.1 miles to Cove Mountain Shelter
May 4th – resupply in Duncannon, PA, hike 15 miles to Peters Mountain Shelter
May 5th – hike 18 miles to Rausch Gap Shelter
May 6th – hike 23.1 miles to Hertlein Campsite
May 7th – hike 24.2 miles to Windsor Furnace Shelter
May 8th – hike 22.4 miles to New Tripoli Campsite
May 9th – hike 10.9 miles to George W. Outerbridge Shelter
May 10th – hike 16.7 miles to Leroy A. Smith Shelter

New Jersey:
May 11th – hike 24.9 miles to Backpackers Campsite
May 12th – hike 20 miles to Brink Shelter
May 13th – hike 19.6 miles to High Point Shelter
May 14th – hike 23.9 miles to Wawayanda Shelter

New York:
May 15th – resupply in Greenwood Lake, NY, hike 12.1 miles to Wildcat Shelter
May 16th – hike 22.8 miles to West Mountain Shelter
May 17th – hike 9.2 miles to Hemlock Springs Campsite
May 18th – hike 23 miles to RPH Shelter
May 19th – hike 25.6 miles to Wiley Shelter

May 20th – hike 19.7 miles to Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter
May 21st – hike 21.3 miles to Limestone Spring Shelter

May 22nd – hike 17.1 miles to Glen Brook Shelter
May 23rd – hike 21.4 miles to Mt. Wilcox North Shelter
May 24th – hike 22.8 miles to October Mountain Shelter
May 25th – hike 16.5 miles to Crystal Mountain Campground
May 26th – resupply at Cheshire, MA, hike 15.8 miles to Wilbur Clearing Shelter

May 27th – hike 23 miles to Melville Nauheim Shelter
May 28th – hike 17.4 miles to Story Spring Shelter
May 29th – hike 23.1 miles to Bromley Shelter
May 30th – hike 22.6 miles to Greenwall Shelter
May 31st – hike 23.6 miles to Churchill Scott Shelter

Miles hiked in May: 634.3 miles; AVG 20.46

June 1st – hike 21.8 miles to Winturri Shelter
June 2nd – hike 21.1 miles to Happy Hill Shelter

New Hampshire:
June 3rd – resupply in Hanover, NH, hike 22.5 miles to Trapper John Shelter
June 4th – hike 19.1 miles to Ore Hill Campsite
June 5th – hike 24.5 miles to Eliza Brook Shelter
June 6th – hike 24.6 miles to Guyot Shelter
June 7th – hike 23 miles to Lakes of the Clouds Hut
June 8th – hike 20.8 miles to Carter Notch Hut
June 9th – hike 22.1 miles to Trident Col Tentsite

June 10th – hike 19.6 miles to Speck Pond Shelter
June 11th – hike 20.9 miles to Hall Mountain Lean-To
June 12th – hike 21.1 miles to Sabbath Day Pond Lean-To
June 13th – hike 20.1 miles to Poplar Ridge Lean-To
June 14th – hike 23.4 miles to Cranberry Stream Campsite
June 15th – hike 21.1 miles to West Carry Pond Lean-To
June 16th – hike 14.3 miles to Caratunk, ME to resupply & Hostel
June 17th – hike 18.8 miles to Moxie Bald Lean-To
June 18th – hike 20.9 miles to Leeman Brook Lean-To
June 19th – hike 23 miles to Chairback Gap Lean-To
June 20th – hike 20.7 miles to East Branch Lean-To
June 21st – hike 23.8 miles to Nahmakanta Stream Lean-to
June 22nd – hike 17.7 miles to Rainbow Spring Campsite
June 23rd – hike 21.1 miles to The Birches Campsite
June 24th – hike 5.2 miles to Mt. Katahdin Peak, FINISH

Miles hiked in June: 490.9; AVG: 20.4 miles per day

Started from Springer Mountain, GA: March 3rd
Finish at Mt. Katahdin: June 24th
Days until weekend after July 4th: 12

One thought on “Hiking Plan – Prior to Start

  1. Hi Tyler!
    I went to school with your dad & his siblings. I spent time with you when you were very young.
    My dad’s family is in the Western & Central Virginia area…Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Riner, Carthage, White Rock, Copper Valley, Mt Pilot, Floyd, Radford, Dublin, Salem, Roanoke. Some of my family still live up in the mountains& have land down on the river. I love it there! Stay clear of the copperhead, rattlesnakes, & bear though!
    I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

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