Day 1 – March 3rd

Body weight: 209 lbs

Pack weight: 31.8 lbs

I haven’t weighed this much in my life, almost 20 pounds since I left for Boot Camp! My pack weight was a little heavier than I anticipated because I threw in a little bit more food for safe measure.

Total miles walked: 16.2

Miles from Springer Mountain: 7.4

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 2184.6

I started my day on the approach trail at Amicalola Falls State Park, this took just under 4 hours by finally reaching Springer Mountain at 12:30. The approach trail was rocky and quite uphill!

On the top of Springer Mountain I reached the first white blaze and the plaque commemorating the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

Unfortunately, at the top of the mountain it started to rain! The rain lasted for five hours and caused the trails to seem like streams. I finally reached my destination, the Hawk Mountain Campsites, around 5 PM when the rain stopped!

I set up my tent, got water from the spring, and finally settled in! I had Hikers Pad Thai for dinner. When I laid to rest I hung up all my clothes inside the tent and snuggled in for the cold, wet night. I woke up constantly due to the beating of the rain and the roar of the winds. The fierce wind sounded like 747’s taking off of the Georgia hills.

My first day was completely eventful and somewhat terrifying. I’ve finally started my trek to Maine and even the rain can’t stop me. I told myself over and over that it was all worth it, even warming up water just to hold the warm pot.

Thanks for your support, I’m finally on the Appalachian Trail!

18 thoughts on “Day 1 – March 3rd

  1. You’ve got this Tyler! This will be amazing just like you’re spirit! I’m excited to follow you on your quest! Hugs and prayers!

  2. Thought about you with the weather you started in! Glad you are safe! Two days down and many more eventful ones to come! Sending prayers!🙏🏻

  3. Tyler.

    You are an amazing young man!! You got this!! As you hike along just know we all love you and we all know that you can do this!

    Love Aunt Joyce

  4. Oh Tyler I get more excited to read the next paragraph! Looking forward to watch your journey. You got this! Prayers!!!

  5. Neat to see this have a great time these are things you’ll never forget keep climbing :))

  6. Keep up the hard work. Co-workers just finished in September. Love the hat…….Go Cubs!

  7. We love following your adventure! Sending encouragement and support over the miles!

  8. Tyler, Thanks for allowing us to come along on your journey! What a great idea to write about your experience with all of us. Godspeed to you man, will be watching, reading and praying as you meet this challenge head on. Love ya, and miss ya.

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