Day Two – March 4th

Miles from Springer Mountain: 17.1

Miles to Mountain Katahdin: 2174.9

The night was eventful! All the rain and snow did not make for an easy morning.

When I woke up for good all my clothes were frozen solid, the inside of my tent had frost, and snow was on the ground outside my tent. It was a miserable morning, I laid on top of my clothes to warm them up so that they were flexible enough to put on. I warmed up with coffee, but the best thing to do was to start walking! I got packed up slowly and got on the way. As the miles passed I felt warmer and warmer until I finally reached the other side of Justus Mountain when the temperature actually warmed up. The trees were no longer covered with ice and I felt comfortable without my hoods.

I reached Gooch Mountain Shelter about 2:30, but it was just high enough that the wind was mighty strong. The night ahead would be cold so I took heed of a trail veterans advice and proceeded further to Gooch Gap. Yes, you read that right, tonight I am sleeping in Gooch Gap!

I met three people at the Shelter – Captain Planet, Odie, and another beginning hiker. CP is a ATC Ridge Runner, patrolling the area and assisting hikers. Odie is the trail veteran who makes the Thru-Hiker Yearbook. We all met in Gooch Gap and rode to eat gas station pizza in Odie’s tricked out school bus.

After awhile we came back to Gooch Gap, warmed up in the bus, and talked with Wokman, another trail veteran. The night was colder than before, but thankfully there was no rain. At night I wore all my clothes, put thicker socks on my feet, and wore socks on my hands (to keep them from freezing). I was fairly warm for most of the night despite record colds in Northern Georgia.

I got to hang my bear bag for the first time! It is in the PCT style with a line through a carabiner, stopped by a stick with a clove hitch. Took a little practice, but I got it to work!

Here’s to a great day 3!

6 thoughts on “Day Two – March 4th

  1. Not sure where you are but just incase you haven’t passed it, check out Spy Rock in the Blue mountains (if it is still there). What a view!

  2. Way to keep going Tyler! Larry sends his love. He also said his pillow would have probably helped with warmth. We can still ship it!

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