Day Three & Four – March 5,6

Miles from Springer Mountain: 50.1

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 2141.9

Day three was quite eventful in both good and bad ways! I woke up to a chilly morning in Gooch Gap but was motivated to push on to some beautiful mountain views. About 4 miles in I ran into some Trail Magic in Woody gap, a small group of people were set up with a tent and a bus handing out bread and soup. They are part of a small community that considers themselves one of the new 12 tribes of Israel. Well, I wouldn’t give their bread to 5000 people, but the soup was heavenly!

I soldiered onward towards Blood Mountain, a beautiful, picturesque mountain with a challenging uphill and tumultuous downhill. It didn’t help that the rocks were icy and the wind would blow ice off the treetops.

I pushed on further towards Neel Gap, I knew there was a hostel there but my intentions were to continue on another mile to Blood Gap. I continued on past the hostel, searching for the campsites at the gap. I kept searching, but couldn’t find them. Toss it up to a little bit of dehydration and disorientation, but I shot way past Blood Gap. I knew I had gone too far about a mile after, but with the setting sun I had to continue.

2.5 miles after my intended target I stumbled upon a couple other tents, there was only 20 minutes of daylight left. I quickly threw up my tent, grabbed some water, and ate a small dinner. The night was the worst so far! It wasn’t the sheer cold temperature but the wind roaring through the gap that had me in fear. Thankfully my tent held true and did not falter. I kept warm by boiling water, placing it in my water bottle, then shoving inside my sleeping bag. It was quite the night.

The morning of Day Four was cold, but I knew that if I soldiered on and started walking then I would be ok. The movement would warm my body, my clothes, and my spirits. Fortunately today was uneventful. I am nestled in warmly in my tent next to Blue Mountain Shelter. With today came my first real accomplishment, 50 miles are done! Only 1/43 the way there!!

12 thoughts on “Day Three & Four – March 5,6

  1. Haley’s Aunt Beth here. Enjoying your adventure- was in my bucket list to do part of the Trail and I still might at some point but I need a buddy! Admire your courage and fortitude. Onward!

  2. It looks like another 2 days of cold and things should improve. Hang in there.

  3. I admire you so much!!! Love your blogs! I have been keeping uncle Pat updated on your accomplishments!! Love aunt Joyce

  4. Good job on the 50 miles, keep safe and enjoy the adventure, it will be something you will remember the rest of your life, Nancy Whipple,Haley’s grandma

  5. You are inspiring many, including children of coworkers and an entire fourth grade class at Waterford. I’m guessing many more will begin to follow. You are teaching others about courage and perseverance through your actions. Love you, son.

  6. Great going – proud of you! Prayers for a safe journey! Love, Aunt Kathy…💜☮💜

  7. Brandon Bartley, who I work with, let me know about your adventure. As a one time, hopefully soon to be again, adventurer, I am psyched about your trip. Very best of luck and congrats on your first milestone. I walked that first section in February with a friend who hiked the trial, I felt like it starts out with a bang. Congrats again.

  8. I’m in awe of you! I’m praying for safe traveling mercy on your behalf sweetie. Good luck!

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