Day 5-7, March 7-9

Miles from Springer Mountain: 80.1

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 2111.0

I am one week down and one state down! Today I crossed the border into North Carolina, Georgia is no longer on my mind. The past few days have been very rainy, but thankfully the temperature has been above freezing. I feel a lot of accomplishment finally waving GA goodbye, now only 12 more states to go!

On day 6 I split a hotel room with 3 other guys who are thru-hiking, it wasn’t luxurious but the Holiday Inn in Hiawasee, GA was the perfect place to get clean, do laundry, resupply, and escape the rain. Hearing the thunderstorms last night made me thankful that we all weren’t out there.

Today I hiked 11.6 miles to Muskrat Creek Shelter, crossing the border along the way. The rain is continuing tonight, but hopefully won’t be as fierce. Tomorrow should be an easy day and I plan on levying the later sunset into a high-mileage day. My goal is to reach the 100 mile mark tomorrow!

Taking a nero (near-zero day) was what my mind and body needed to recharge, relax, and refresh. It was definitely a morale booster to get a full nights sleep and put on clean clothes.

This really neat tree was the first landmark I saw after crossing the border.

Thanks for all the support everyone, here’s to this next week on the AT!

8 thoughts on “Day 5-7, March 7-9

  1. I don’t think you got my previous note, sounds like you have had a challenging trip so far, scenery is beautiful, good luck and be safe. Nancy Whipple

  2. Really enjoy reading your posts. Amazing adventure you are on and love that you are sharing.
    Aunt Jeanne

  3. Tyler,
    What a great journey for you. Thanks for sharing. So glad you are doing well. Take care. Love, Aunt Harriett

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