Day 8-10, March 10-12

Miles from Springer Mountain: 120.4

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 2071.6

The last few days have been rough, but my spirits are high! I apologize for not posting more frequently, cell service has been spotty.

On the 10th I stopped at Carter Gap Shelter – of the 10+ people there only two of us were under 50! (If you think you can’t hike, you can) The night was chilly, the morning was cut short after an emaciated dog shown up in camp. Another group of hikers made some phone calls and led him to shelter in Franklin, NC.

The next day I set off motivated and summited Albert Mountain, my drive was cut short by a spat of rain so I spent the night in Rock Gap Shelter. I met some interesting people at Rock, a Keto-crazy ultra runner named Posi for his positive attitude, Ponykeg and his hiking dog Blue Dream.

Today started off with a bang! In Rock Gap I got to meet AT Royalty – The Crawfords, a family of 8 who thru-hiked the trail last year. They made us delicious Blueberry Pancakes, really inspiring to meet such a famous group of hikers. I met up with Haymitch, Doc, Old School, and Logan in Winding Stair Gap. We all hiked together to the top of Wayah Mountain and are staying at Wayah Bald Shelter. It has definitely been a rough 3 days, but my legs and feet are feeling better, I’m inspired to keep going and soon conquer the Smokey’s! First we set off for Nantahala Outdoor Center tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 8-10, March 10-12

  1. Doing good, keep up the positive attitude, sounds like you have met some interesting people, good luck and be safe

    NAncy Whipple

  2. Sounds like you are having quite the adventure!! Meeting lots of interesting people. Stay safe and keep on trucking!!!!

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