Day 16, March 18th

Miles from Springer Mountain: 210.8

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1981.2

Today will be one of my most memorable days on trail, it was full of accomplishments and great people! After a chilly night in the stuffed Russell Field Shelter I started hiking to warm my bones. As I climbed the mountain I thought snow was falling, however it was just ice blowing off the trees! I summited Clingman’s Dome this morning, the highest point on the AT. The 200 mile mark was a few feet from the base of the tower.

I couldn’t stay for too long at the dome because the wind was blistering, to move is to be warm. I trekked onward, taking a small break in Indian Road Gap, before pushing onward to Newfound Gap. At Newfound there had to be 100+ people enjoying the views on their Spring Break, thankfully they didn’t stare at me due to my smell. A trail angel left some trail magic for us – pop and muffins. It went well with my tuna and granola lunch!

Tonight I sleep in Ice Spring Shelter, it’s a cold one but I’m snuggled in my tent. Uniquely enough the privies here are wheelchair accessible, but I’ve never seen a wheelchair that could make it through these trails. It was a shorter day today, I intend to push over 20 tomorrow. The people at this shelter are a perfect mix of section and thru-hikers, friendly and welcoming. It’s been a great day on the trail!

A special shoutout to Mrs. Yoder’s 4th grade class, thanks for cheering me on everyone!!

14 thoughts on “Day 16, March 18th

  1. WOW what an adventure this has been for you good luck and stay safe
    Nancy Whipple

  2. You’re a truly inspirational young man and I’m so proud of you! Keep following dreams Tyler! God’s speed and my continued prayers!

  3. Love hearing about your trek!! Great job! Ive climbed to the top of the dunes a couple times 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know no big deal But I remember that feeling at the top I can’t imagine the feelings of accomplishment you are feeling!! Prayers for your safe travels!

  4. We continue to be inspired and amazed in your journey. We appreciate you sharing your insight and adventure!

  5. Tyler, Keep it up. What an adventure for you. It will warm up soon. Praying you stay safe! Aunt Harriett

  6. Your beard is beautiful. Stay the course young lad. Avoid the trial pirates and bears.

  7. Cool to see you are blogging Tyler! I’ll probably see you on the trail again somewhere. At least now I know if you are anywhere close 🙂 Cheers!

  8. This has been a lot of fun to follow you along. Seeing how Clingman’s Dome is the highest point on the AT, well then………I have something to brag about. Of course, we just walked back down the lovely asphalted pathway to our warm car. LOL Have fun and may the Lord continue to open your eyes and ears to all of His wonders.

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