Day 19-21, March 21-23

Miles from Springer Mountain: 275.0

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1917.0

After my wonderful, unique night at Standing Bear Hostel I was encouraged and well rested to push towards my next shelter in good timing. Unfortunately, my timing was about 30 minutes too short. While atop of Max Patch I encountered sleet that eventually turned into snow. Thankfully I only had a couple miles to go before I reached Roaring Fork Shelter- it was packed, which helped with warmth, but nonetheless we were all cold. I woke up to a complete snow covering, on the top of Bluff Mountain there was 2+ inches of snow, but amazingly upon descent the weather was 50+ degrees. Quite the conundrum for the body, but it was a welcome environment to sleep in. After walking 14.7 miles I reached Deer Park Shelter and settled in for the night. Last night may have been my warmest on trail, our elevation was the lowest since before the Smokies which played a huge part. The shelter may have had the smallest privy on the AT, to use it the door had to be kept open… NO PEEKING!

Today I nero’d in Hot Springs, NC. A delightful little town somewhere between relevance and nowhere. The diner has cinnamon rolls that were arguably better than Amish rolls. Graciously I met up with Haley’s parents, Paul and Brenda. We are all staying together at Elmer’s Sunnybrook Inn, a house on the Historic Registry that Earl Shaffer (LOOK HIM UP!!) stayed in. It is truly a unique place that can only be experienced by staying here. I can only preface it by saying that you will never stay in a home like this in the north. We went to dinner at the only tavern in town, with 50 beers and a varietal menu. It was a great dinner and filling after nights on trail. Paul and Brenda treated me to a great day off the trail and I am so thankful they took a day off of their vacation to see me, I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

After a relaxing day today I am going to push onwards towards Roan Mountain, there I will get to see Haley and take a much needed zero. I don’t know how much service I will have until then, but I will blog when I can. The next big goal is Damascus, hopefully in less than two weeks! Onward!

3 thoughts on “Day 19-21, March 21-23

  1. Great job. Looks like you’re making good progress. Hopefully it will be warm the rest of the way. Keep trucking.

  2. Glad for you that you got to see Haley’s fam and get a break (sick untappd badges 😜). Sending love and warmth your way – onward! ❤️

  3. Sounds like you had fun with Brenda and Paul got to see a different world be safe
    Nancy Whipple

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