Day 30-32, April 1-3

Miles from Springer Mountain: 428.5

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1763.5

The last three days have been extremely noteworthy and momentous, days that keep me motivated to be on this beautiful trail. The minor accomplishments accelerate towards major as the bigger picture becomes more recognizable.

On the 1st I finished my second state on the AT, North Carolina. Over the last 3 weeks the trail has hopped back and forth between Tennessee and North Carolina, sometimes it’s hard to know which state I’ve called home for the night. More miles than not have been spent walking directly on the state line between the two. The trail just veered into TN and with it, I say goodbye to NC. Maybe someday soon I will come back to enjoy the delicious beer of Asheville or hike the entirety of the state on the Mountains-to-Sea trail.

The night of the 1st I slept at the Wilder Mine Group Campsite, I couldn’t find the mine, but I was a little too tired to conduct a full search. Thankfully the night wasn’t too cold.

The 2nd produced another accomplishment, the completion of the 400 mile mark! If you’re keeping track at home then I am 2/11ths of the way complete. Along the way I passed beautiful falls, outlooks, and cascades, as if the designers of the trail knew that with the miles completed I would need a worthwhile view. I spent the night alone at the Moreland Gap Shelter, it’s somewhat of an oddity to spend the night alone at a shelter during this time period but I am in the middle of a couple big bubbles of hikers.

Today, I had a little bit of a mileage conundrum. I’ve purposely avoided staying at most hostels to save money, but I had to face the tough choice of a 15 mile day or a 24 mile day. With beautiful Lake Wautega in between, there are no good camping spots. I made the choice to stick to 15 and stay at the Boots Off Hostel, to rest my head and enjoy hiker company; I’m thankful I did stay, at the very least for the shower.

Finally, the third accomplishment has surprised me the most. When I designed this site I told Haley my goal was to have 10,000 views by my 100th day on trail. I rationalized that if I was lucky 100 people would read my site every day for 100 days. I’m blown away to say that after 31 days on trail I’ve already reached that goal. Thank you to everyone who has read my story, followed me along, rooted for me, encouraged me, donated financially, and shared my site. I feel the love and I and thankful.

March is over and yesterday marked day 30, my journey isn’t done and I’ve got plenty of will and fight to make it to Mount Katahdin. Happy trails everyone!

7 thoughts on “Day 30-32, April 1-3

  1. keep it going buddy! Lou and i read every post and talk about you every time. Can not wait to walk the trail with you.

  2. Hi Yukon, you’re certainly having quit an adventure memories for a life time stay healthy and stay safe

  3. Nice job Yukon! Really appreciate the time sacrifice to update the blog. Your closing in on Virginia. Praying for you – be safe.

  4. Hello Tyler,
    Today’s lesson with my first graders was about an internet blog. I was very happy to be able to share your blog with my students. They are absolutely amazed at what you are doing and enjoyed the daily blog that I shared with them. I also shared your picture and the picture of Yukon Cornelius. Yes, they were amused and saw the resemblance. Keep the faith Tyler and remember that we are all proud of you!
    Love, Aunt Janice

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