Day 35-37, April 6-8

Miles from Springer Mountain: 515

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1677

I left Damascus after a last town meal of delicious wings. It was only a short hike to the Saunders where I joined by a few section hikers. The days that involve hiking after leaving a town are always the worst day – mentally and physically. I soldiered on forward towards the Grayson Highlands State Park.

I had heard about the wild ponies on this part of the trail, but I wasn’t expecting on how close I’d get to them! At Thomas Knob shelter they kept us up until 9 by licking the wood of the shelter.

They were everywhere! Walking throughout the park I entered and left their domains several times, but only once did a pony get on the trail and block my path

Today I am sleeping at the Hurricane Mountain Shelter, I intended to hike further, but the rain limited my range. I am feeling good and make great progress, my few minor injuries and aches have almost completely healed. I am excited to keep pushing over the next few weeks, thanks everyone!

7 thoughts on “Day 35-37, April 6-8

  1. Hi Yukon how about those horses I hope the weather gets better for you, you do need a break good luck and stay safe

  2. So proud to know you. This is such a wonderful experience for you! Love the pony photos. Continue to be safe on your journey.

  3. Tyler, Thanks for all your posts. So great to read them. Stay strong and carry on. Prayers for your safety.
    Love Aunt Harriett

  4. Hi Tyler,

    I’m Joy McFadden a para in Ms. Yoder’s 4th grade class and a friend to your Mom. Not only am I following you in school but my family is here at home. It’s been a great family experience to follow your courageous trek! Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Blessings as you continue to inspire us all.

    Joy McFadden and my kids
    Anika 17, Josh 14, and Maya (12) Yoder

  5. Tyler! Dale and I are at Centerpoint right now based on you’re rave reviews. Great beer! We raised a glass to you. Doing great, keep at it.

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