Day 41-43, April 12-14

Miles from Springer Mountain: 635.9

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1556.1

Tonight I am resting my head at the Angel’s Rest Hikers Heaven, it has been a tough few days but I have earned my rest. The small, neat town of Pearisburg has been nice to me. I’ve been here before, a small weekend vacation last year with Haley, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to enjoy the sites today like we did previously. The weather has been tough, constant rain and fluctuating temperatures make consistent hiking a tall task. I’ve marched onward despite it and appreciate my rest because of it.

The last two days have been 20+ mile days and my feet have taken a beating. My spirits are still relatively high and I am graciously anticipating walking without beating rain. Unexpectedly, the nights have been some of the easiest parts – instead of freezing, I’ve found myself sweating! It is a problem I will gladly handle.

On the 12th I passed the 600 mile mark. I took a second at the marking to remark at the accomplishment and understand how far I’ve come. It’s been a long few weeks, but seeing each mile pass brings great personal pride. Being away from the ones I love gets harder with each step but I relish in the fact that every feet passed is one foot closer to being home.

I’m excited to reach further and progress on the trail over the next few weeks, I can see Harper’s Ferry and the halfway mark in my crosshairs. Until then I relish the moments of relaxation and remembrance of daily memories I make on trail.

See you this week, Mcafee’s Knob!

9 thoughts on “Day 41-43, April 12-14

  1. You may not see the ones you love, but we are right there with you in spirit. Glad to see you got your wings! Keep up the great accomplishments!
    Aunt Janice

  2. The weather better start turning around for you!!! You deserve sunshine and warm skies! Love you, son.

  3. Nice job Tyler! Enjoy McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs. Praying for your safety and a renewed mind each morning.

  4. 600 MILES!!! When I saw that, I keep thinking you have walked 600 miles! Praying for the weather to improve!

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