Day 44-46, April 15-17

Miles from Springer Mountain: 681.2

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1510.8

On Monday, the 15th, I was excited and ready to move on from wonderful Pearisburg until I stepped outside. The wind was horrible, it drizzled rain, and the surrounding mountains were covered in clouds. After a bit of coercing from some trail friends I decided to zero at the hostel, as I went to pay other hikers walking down from the mountains said it was snowing on top. I made the right decision. Another day in at the hostel was a perfect break for my feet, we all ate mexican food, watched The Godfather until the DVD skipped, drank some beer, and relaxed our weary legs.

The next day was a bright, early morning start and with comfortable terrain the first half of the day flew by. Eventually the trail became tougher to walk, so many of my steps consisted of avoiding huge puddles of water and dangerous rocks. Right at the end was a demoralizing, steep climb, but I was rewarded with a night at the Bailey Gap Shelter. There was a neat, little water source right next to the shelter – you can see the tiny hole where the water actually bubbles from the ground!

Yesterday, was a little tough mentally with two rough 1200+ climbs, but eventually I made it to Sarver Hollow Shelter. It’s rumored to be haunted and an abandoned house sits not too far from the water source. Along the way today I got to see Kelly Knob and the largest oak tree on the southern part of the AT.

It’s been a rough couple of days, but my legs feel good and I’m ready to keep cranking out 20+ mile days. Hopefully the rain will hold off until after I get to see the amazing Mcafee Knob! Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “Day 44-46, April 15-17

  1. Great job Tyler, keep pushing north! Big O’Connor Easter gathering tomorrow and we’ll be sure to toast your effort and determination.

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