Day 47-50, April 18-21

Miles from Springer Mountain: 761.7

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1430.3

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! The only thing the Easter Bunny brought me was a much needed respite from the rain!

On the 18th, I awoke at the haunted shelter without meeting any ghosts or having any nightmares, to my knowledge I didn’t pick up a long-term demonic presence either, but time will tell. However, I did pass the Eastern Continental Divide, the waterway division of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and I got to see the famed Audie Murphy Memorial, near the sight of his untimely death in an aviation accident.

The next day, the 19th, I was extremely excited to see the beautiful landmark Mcafee’s Knob, but the weather had other plans. Fortunately I have been to the knob before, I felt bad for the friends I was hiking with who didn’t and may never get to see it’s wondrous views. The rest of the day was a treacherous unsuccessful attempt to avoid the rain and stay dry, I failed miserably. I laid to rest only a few miles from Daleville where I could resupply and enjoy a nice meal.

On this hike I’ve gotten to see many gorgeous ridgelines and valley views, the 20 miles just outside of Newfound Gap in the Smokies is my favorite, but the 10 miles into Daleville is a close second. The walking was easy and I took my time to enjoy the views. In town I resupplied until Friday at a Kroger and ate some tasty brisket at the local BBQ joint. I headed on my way and passed the 1/3rd way mark on the AT! I celebrated my accomplishment by relaxing on the luscious green pasture, taking off my shoes, and once again enjoying the view. Of course I love hiking, but I’ll never turn down a moment to just sit, relax, and look out into nature’s beauty.

Although the nightly rain caused me to wake up with some morning condensation, I was not deterred to turn Easter Sunday into a big day of hiking. At 27 miles I think it is my biggest day so far and my feet are feeling it. If you ever get a chance I suggest you drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, it weaves with the AT for the next 100 miles and I saw many people getting out of their cars to take pictures. It was a peaceful, long day with not too many strenuous inclines or declines, although that will change over the next couple days.

Despite my current tire, I’m excited and motivated for the next few days. Haley and I are going to relax and enjoy beautiful Waynesboro together, I just have to make it there in one piece first!

3 thoughts on “Day 47-50, April 18-21

  1. Keep pounding it out and you’ll be out of Virginia before you know it! Great job and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and pictures. Praying for your safety and some sunshine.

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