Day 51-54, April 22-25

Miles from Springer Mountain: 848.1

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1343.9

As I have continued my push towards Waynesboro, the last four days have been filled with picturesque views and delightful weather. Only today has the rain started, although thankfully at the end when I am in the security of my tent.

This rock above didn’t impale me and I was able to enjoy the view!The James River is a river I am very familiar with after living in Virginia for a few years, it was a weird accomplishment crossing it, knowing Virginia is almost over!Don’t end up like this kid! Finally 800 miles down! 4/11 of the way done 🙂

This was my view from The Priest, at The Priest shelter log people would ask forgiveness for their trail sins – such as accidentally stealing a gatorade, not digging a deep enough scat hole, etc…

Today I was able to make a quick pit stop at Devils Backbone Brewing Company, they offer a free shuttle from the trail to the brewery so I took advantage and enjoyed a few drinks and dinner! Tonight I’m resting my head at the Rock Point Overlook and will wake up early to push onwards towards Waynesboro!

I apologize for my posts becoming more infrequent, it is not a habit that will become a trend. I have been pushing more miles every day lately which leaves me more tired and with less time to write, I promise I’m still out here fighting! Thanks for all your support!!

7 thoughts on “Day 51-54, April 22-25

  1. Keep fighting, it’s always good to read your posts about all your experiences, good luck and stay safe. Nancy

  2. Keep up with us I’m finding this very interesting . can’t wait to see how long your beard is when your all done. Lol Gloria

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