Day 55-57, April 26-28

Miles from Springer Mountain: 871.4

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1320.6

On the 26th I had one goal in mind: get to Rockfish Gap. The rain wasn’t going to deter me nor my tired legs, I knew a wonderful weekend with Haley was awaiting me. Along the trail was a cemetery and an old homestead with only the chimney still standing.

I anticipated waiting for a few hours for Haley’s arrival, she was going to leave work around mid day. I ate a hot dog and some kettle corn at the local stand, waiting at the area visitor center to arrange a ride to our Airbnb. As I stood around for a few minutes at the visitor center, Haley calls and asks if I was in a little white building atop a lookout. She asked if everything was ok in the parking lot and maybe I should go check to make sure. When I walked outside, she was sitting in her car waving!! I was so shocked, usually I can root out her surprises. It was a joyous beginning to our weekend, I couldn’t believe she was already in town!

Friday night we were able to take care of all my “hiker chores” – laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning all my gear. We even had plenty of time to check out a couple local breweries!

Saturday was a big day, we rose early to drive to Charlottesville to fulfill a donut craving – this awesome shop Duck Donuts. A downtown farmers market, record and book shops, another brewery, and exploring the Downtown Mall – a long street of shops and restaurants. Charlottesville was beautiful, had friendly people, and so much to see.

After we left Charlottesville, we head towards Crozet to visit a couple more breweries – Starr Hill Brewery and Pro Re Nata Brewing Co. PRN has a huge outdoor patio made out of storage containers! We headed home to make our own dinner – steak fajitas. I’ll admit Haley made most of the meal, I was working on packing my gear – she did a wonderful job!

Today we relaxed and enjoyed our last morning together, unfortunately we won’t be able to see each other until I summit Mt. Katahdin in July (fingers crossed!!). She dropped me off at the trailhead and I set off, finally entering the Shenandoah Mountains. I took it easy today, only about 9 miles. Tomorrow I start the long walk towards my next goal, Harper’s Ferry!

I needed this weekend to relax my legs, take care of my gear, and mentally prepare for the next bit of trail. Haley and I enjoyed every moment together, we both needed the getaway and we took advantage of every moment we had! Thanks for following along, there will be plenty of great pictures from the Shenandoah’s!

5 thoughts on “Day 55-57, April 26-28

  1. Donuts looked good I am glad you had a nice weekend with Haley I enjoyed talking to you guys good luck and stay safe. Nancy

  2. Liked the picture of the old homestead. Stay safe and get excited, your almost done with Virginia! Good job Tyler!

  3. Good Luck on your next track of the trails. Glad Haley and you got to spend such a good time together. My question is did only the two of you eat all those donuts??

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