Day 61-63, May 2-4

Miles from Springer Mountain: 973

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1219

The Shenandoah’s are over! The ‘myth’ of a flat Virginia is finally becoming true. Anyone looking for a small hiking experience should walk the Shenandoah’s – the trails were well kept, the scenery was beautiful, and it’s a perfect mixture of luxury and nature.

This is the kissing tree, at one of the last shelters in the park.

I’ve been dealing with some serious pain in my feet, when Haley came to visit I switched to a new pair of shoes and it’s been painful. At the start of my hike the widening of my feet was offset by the widening of my shoes, however with new shoes my feet are much wider. It has drastically slowed my pace and I’ve found myself nursing my feet, I’m undeterred! I’ve been taking the last couple days slow to acclimate and heal.

On the 4th I was able to resupply in Front Royal, I got enough food to last me until Harper’s Ferry where I intend to relax and prepare for the next big stretch of trail. While in Front Royal I stopped at the Front Royal Brewing Company. They had free laundry and showers, a perfect hiker heaven. The beer was delicious, they even had a home brewers fest! One of their unique things was baseball cards for each of their beers that describe the flavors and styles. So cool!After all that beer I didn’t make it too much further, the rain started so I camped not too far from a beautiful little creek. I’m in love with the trails out here, the trail clubs take such good care.

Thank you everyone!! I’m out of my second National Park, now onto the huge goals of the 1000 mile mark, Harper’s Ferry, and the halfway mark!

5 thoughts on “Day 61-63, May 2-4

  1. Hope your feet are feeling better and that beer looked good take care of yourself, be safe and keep on trucking

  2. Hey Yukon! Happy hiking and congrats on your accomplishments so far! Wishing you the best of luck and thankful to have met you at Manassas Gap! God bless your journey!

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