Day 72-73, May 13-14

Miles from Springer Mountain: 1074.7

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1117.3

My first full day back on trail was completely miserable. It rained and rained, the trails were more like walking canals, my feet were waterlogged, and nothing stayed dry. For being my day back, it felt like the trail itself was trying to kick me back off. The rain started just after midnight and didn’t relent until about 3.

When I stopped for lunch my hands were trembling from the wet cold, I struggled to undo the buckles that hold my pack on. As I prepared my lunch, I had to use my teeth to open my knife and Ziploc bags. Mentally and physically I was in a bad place. I sat, regrouped my thoughts, collected myself, finished my lunch, and waited for the rain to stop.

When it did I proceeded onward, passing by the War Correspondents Monument, with a new mindset. My pace quickened and the trail got easier, my feet never dried, but I reached my goal of reaching the Pine Knob Shelter. I set up my tent, dried everything I could and ate some rice and beans.

This morning I woke up motivated ready to put in some big miles – a marathon day of 26.3 miles! The trails were just a tad dry from the last few days soak. I threw on my still wet socks, there’s no point in dry socks because my wet shoes would dampen them the second I lace them. It was quite chilly today, never above 55 degrees; I hoped it would be warmer to dry my feet, I was disappointed. After a long pre- lunch walk, my post-lunch walk was longer, but I had a huge goal: the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line, the Mason-Dixon Line.

Despite my waterlogged feet and the cool wind I hiked onward, taking a short pit stop at Pen-Mar Campground, the former home of an amusement park. Finally I stepped out of the south, out of Maryland, and finally into a new state, Pennsylvania. MD was only a 2.5 day walk, but it was quite enjoyable – easy trails, good views, and awesome historical markers. I hiked onward towards Tumbling Run Shelters – a shelter with two separate huts labeled Snoring and Non-snoring.

It’s been the tale of two hiking days – one good and one horrible, but I won’t let it be the last chapter of my hiking story. I’m excited for this challenge of rocky Pennsylvania, hopefully less than a week and a half here before New Jersey. I am glad to be back on trail, but it’s so hard to be away from Haley after this weekend. She motivates me more than I could ever motivate myself, I’ll hike as fast as I can so I can her in Maine as soon as possible! As always, thanks for following along!

6 thoughts on “Day 72-73, May 13-14

  1. Way to keep plugging along despite the horrible conditions. Good Job!!

  2. Keep them feet dry seeing a lot interesting things what an experience hopefully the weather will get nicer for you and you can put on a lot of miles good luck and keep safe

  3. The Mason Dixon Line! Proud of you, son! I knew it would be difficult after your great weekend, but you are keeping your end goal in mind. Keep persevering and keep your amazing spirit. Love, Mom

  4. Nice job Yukon! Keep pushing through the bad and turning it into good moments. Congratulations on being finished with the Southern states and enjoy the start of the Mid-Atlantic. Hike on!

  5. Your perseverance is something to be admired! Keep on pushing forward, you’re making memories to last a lifetime. Praying for you.

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