Day 76-79, May 18-20

Miles from Springer Mountain: 1195.5

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 996.5

On Saturday I made a long pit stop in Duncannon, PA to do laundry, resupply, recharge, rest, and eat a couple hot meals. I made sure to get there early, I imagine any coin laundry shop is interesting on a Saturday morning and this one did not disappoint. The outfitter in town has a hiker hangout so I showered and recharged my batteries for a few hours, I picked up a new water filter to last me the rest of the way and some more butane gas. While in town I ate a burger at the “famed” Doyle Hotel – their motto is “service sucks, foods good, get over it” and this place did not disappoint. The burger was so good I didn’t mind waiting 15 minutes for my Yuengling, the service did kind of suck, but the people were genuine – the bartender gave me a big hug and she gave me words of encouragement as I left. I picked up enough food to last me to Hamburg, PA, and headed back to the trail. The white blazes lead you through the rest of the town towards the confluence of the Juniata and Susquahanna Rivers. It was only a short mile day and I rested my head at Peters Mountain Shelter.

I woke up to a small patch of rain that delayed my departure, I hoped it would be the end of the rain – it wasn’t. The day was fairly nice, very hot at times and the rocks weren’t treacherous. At 5 I got to a campsite, but I decided I had more miles in me so I proceeded onward. About 5-10 minutes later I was punished for my decision, the heavens opened and rain poured from the sky. I nearly jumped off trail when a thundering boom pounded over my head. It rained and rained, the 4.5 miles to the next shelter were maybe my fastest on trail. Unfortunately the shelter was full and I had to set up my tent, which was already wet from the morning rain. In the night it stormed horribly, I think a herd of buffalo may have been rampaging in the sky above me. This morning I was awoken to a woman calling out to see if I was ok – she said she hadn’t gotten much sleep last night because she was worried about me in my tent. I assured her I was ok, although it wasn’t the most restful night of sleep.

As a small reward to myself I decided to do a shorter day today, only 17.5 miles to 501 Shelter. It’s right next to the road, not far from Pine Grove, PA so tonight I’ll be eating lasagna from the local pizza shop! The shelter is completely enclosed and has a cool solar bubble at the top for light. There’s even a solar shower, but I have had my weekly shower already. The trail today was rocky and wet. One of the rivers had flooded over so there was a 50 yard stretch of above ankle water – my feet were still soaked when I stopped for the night. Thankfully everything is hanging out to dry while I relax and enjoy some lasagna before more rocks tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Day 76-79, May 18-20

  1. WOW a few exciting days getting closer and closer to the end you are doing great keep up the good work take care of those feet onward to hopefully better weather good luck and stay safe Nancy

  2. The railroad/coal mine sign was the same story for my great grandfather in TN……the town including the US Post Office disappeared when the mine played out.

  3. Way to go Tyler!!! You could write a book when your all done…be safe out there and keep updating us…god bless you on your journey

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