Day 96-98, June 6-8

Miles from Springer Mountain: 1536.3

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 655.7

Finally I can say that I have mostly returned back to full form! I’m still eating gingerly, a little more sluggish in the evenings, and look quite a bit thinner, but I am keeping my food down, have plenty of energy during the day, and feel comfortable during the night. It took a few sheepish days of letting the trail nurse me back to health, but by the 8th I was back at it! The trail provideth and the trail taketh away – the trail took my sickness and provided me with a slew of beautiful weather days. I can’t imagine how miserable I would have been had the weather been awful.

The 6th for the world was the 75th anniversary of D-day, but for me it was S-day plus one (sick day). I was still fearful to eat so I woke on the six with very little energy, nevertheless I was able to keep good pace for 6 miles into Salisbury. There I resupplied, relaxed, and recharged for a few hours at their hiker square. I didn’t treat myself very nicely – at some point during the day food became delicious again so I over indulged, a fellow hiker offered me a couple beers and so I partook (I would have been real sick had I said no), it all resulted in an unhappy stomach. For my sake, remember this is all relative to my violently emptied stomach – all I ate was a bowl of fruit, a small sandwich, some chips, and two beers, all of which resulted in my pains. Oh the agonies of a thru-hiker! Overall I hiked just under 8 miles, it was all I could muster energy-wise, but I did cross the 1500 mile mark!

The 7th was better, but I had two early climbs to take care of – Bear Mountain (the highest point in CT) and Mt. Everett. In between the two I crossed into Massachusetts!! Only 4 more states to go! This day was the final day of my sickness recovery and the toughest mentally, I was ready to kiss the trail goodbye – I talked to Haley for awhile, her inspirational talks lay on the spectrum somewhere between Lou Holtz and Bob Knight. I talked with a fellow hiker, Rugs, who told me that he had quit so much in his life, at some point he just decided he wasn’t going to quit quitting, it’s simple, but I hope I never forget it.

Breaking down mentally was the final hurdle in this sickness saga I’ve had, I’m certain it won’t be the last time my body and mind betray me on this trail, but this time may be the toughest. I’ve passed this test, I’m ready for the next one.

The pictures above and below are at the site of the last battle of Shay’s Rebellion, if you aren’t familiar google it!On the 8th I was back, baby! I pushed out 21.4 miles to Mount Wilcox North Shelter. I saw some familiar faces, swatted about 250 mosquitos, took an almost hourly break, but oh boy does it feel good to be back to normal. My body felt pretty beat at the end of the day, I ran out of toilet paper too so I’ll be using leaves for the next couple days (that may or may not be a joke I’ll let ya know next blog).

In a couple days I’ll reach 100 on trail! Thanks to everyone for following along, Vermont is next!

9 thoughts on “Day 96-98, June 6-8

  1. Been thinking of you as we drove from FL to NH and went up 81 through VA today. The weather was horrid with rain and fog and I was hoping you were dry! I’d look across the mountains and am amazed at your stamina and grit. So close to victory! Perfect place to propose … just sayin’!

  2. Glad you are feeling better keep on trucking it’s all down hill now hahaha!!! With the pictures you have been sending are great,good luck and stay safe. Nancy

  3. I cried tears as I read this to Lily. Her reply, “I’m so happy because he is almost coming back! I love you, Tyler!”

    Proud of you, son.

  4. Hi Tyler! Im glad you are feeling better! It is amazing seeing your pictures and reading your blogs. Im just curious in what got you to do something like this. Haley didn’t want to go with you? Lol. Take care!

  5. Congrats on the 1500 miles Yukon! Glad to hear you are moving past the stomach issues and had some nicer weather. Push North!

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