Day 99-101, June 9-11

Miles from Springer Mountain: 1601.3

Miles to Mount Katahdin: 590.7

It’s been a “YUGE” three days! I’ve passed the 100 day mark, crossed into Vermont, surpassed 1600 miles, and have less than 600 miles left – lots of boxes being checked! These few minor accomplishments are big spirit boosters, especially in parts of the trail where motivation is becoming more and more crucial. With crossing into VT I have hiked through 10 of the 13 Appalachian Trail states.

The 9th was a comfortable day, the terrain wasn’t too rough and I hiked past a couple beautiful lakes – the trails in MA are extremely well-maintained and well-marked. I didn’t know it at the time, but one of the shelters I hiked past has a caretaker that makes blueberry pancakes for hikers in the morning – bummer! I made it to October Mountain with big plans to enter both Dalton and Cheshire, MA the next day.

I woke up early and hiked fiercely fast to get to Dalton early, I had heard about a free shower spot and a local laundromat, I considered it chore day. For those of you keeping track of my gross factor, at this point it has been exactly two weeks since my last shower and laundry, don’t worry it’s been my longest stretch. The shower was refreshing, the local community building caters to hikers and I’m grateful for their help. The laundry was not to be – after hiking about a mile and half out of the way I discovered that the one laundromat in town happens to be closed on Mondays, what luck! I guess just a few more days in dirty clothes will have to do.

Feeling a little disgusted, but slightly cleaner I hiked onward towards Cheshire. One of the local churches in town allows hikers to tent on their property, I was able to take respite from the impending rain. In town I did a small resupply and enjoyed the local Dunkin Donuts, it’s the little things! Today also marked 100 days on trail, the second half has definitely been a lot slower than the first. I’m thankful that I don’t have 100 days left, but it serves as a reminder to embrace every day on trail – something that has been harder and harder to do lately.

I woke up on the 11th moving a little slowly, it had rained all night and I wasn’t extremely motivated, but as I stirred the rain stopped and I set my mind to the goals ahead. Today was a big day – I knew I’d cross into Vermont and hit some major mileage goals. The trail made me earn it, I woke up to a 2500 foot climb up Mt. Greylock, descended 2800 feet midday, then finished with a 2000 foot climb! Through it all I pushed forward and made the mileage, I was exhausted by the end, but at least I was in Vermont!

The final three states will be a heck of a lot tougher than the middle 5, but I’m ready to keep pushing! Thanks for following along, enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s in my honor!

11 thoughts on “Day 99-101, June 9-11

  1. Are you any closer to your friends?
    That one picture looks like God is still shining down on you!👍😊
    Keep on going one day at a time!

  2. I am so proud of you… your grit, perseverance, and tenacity are inspiring to so many!! Thank you for sharing your journey. Love you, son.

  3. I love reading your hiking stories! I have to admit the two week with no shower sounds awful. Keep up the pace! I hope you get your clothes washed soon. LOL

  4. Your journey I know hasn’t come without obstacles but what impresses my family and I is your persistence to persevere. It has taught our family to appreciate what we all have and what we can so easily take for granted. Your journey has spoken to our hearts about appreciating one another and no matter how far apart we may one day be that love and support are gifts. So thank you, Tyler for sharing, for teaching, and for inspiring so many of us to never give up! You are in our thoughts!

    Joy McFadden
    Anika, Josh and Maya

  5. We were in VT NH and MA the 10-12th and I thought of you over and over as I gazed at the mountains. I always think of the pioneers when traveling and what a tough people they were! You came from good stock😁

  6. I enjoy your posts. Don’t remember if there are moose in VT or not but I know Maine has them. Keep up the hike.

  7. I am truly amazed at what all you have had to endure. You certainly have inspired people to never give up on whatever their dreams may be!

  8. Awesome pictures! This is such an adventure praying that the weather stays nice during your harder days! Keep on going!

  9. Wow… what a neat accomplishment!!! I like following your blog. Keep it up!! Good luck on the last few states!!!

  10. Love reading your posts- what an amazing accomplishment when you finish! Keep up your positivity!
    -Aimee Schade

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