CT – Day 1, July 25th

Miles from Denver: 19.3

Miles to Durango: 466.7

It’s been just over two years since I’ve walked with a pack on my back. A lot has changed in our world. A lot is still changing. Yet, the trail has been there and the trail will always be there. This time the “trail” becomes the Colorado Trail – the first trail I’ve attempted to thru-hike since completing the Appalachian Trail.

In very real ways, trails are all the same. Paths, walkways, corridors – one foot in front of the other. A view to your left or right. A passable surface beneath you.

I can’t tell you yet how the Colorado Trail will be different. I can tell you that I’m a different person than I was two years ago. It’ll take me a little bit of walking to unpack all those changes.

Thank you for following along – this is my Day 1. There will be plenty more musings and ramblings to come.

Gotta start somewhere! The CT begins at Waterton Canyon just outside of Denver. Special shout-out to my friend Emily for taking care of Haley and I!

Not wearing a Cubs hat? In my fight to defeat the devilish god, Sun, I have pulled a different type of armor. A wide-brimmed leather hat may be the coolest impractical trail gear I’ve worn. At first I was worried about how I looked – my ears are thankful that I overcame those reservations.

First blaze in the wild! Despite being a really neat logo it is far less identifiable than a pure white 2×6 white blaze. I promise to not get lost.

I can’t remember the perspective of this photo, but I assume it’s about 10-12 miles into the trail. This was the first “view” I saw!

This is the landscape in ‘recovery’ mode. The Buffalo Creek fire in 1996 tore through this area. There was no shade to be had – the burned carcasses of trees sat scattered throughout the terrain. Perpetual reminders, at least for now.

Night one was spent on a rocky outcropping that jutted out from a ridge line. I camped with two new trail friends – CP and Winging It. It was a relaxing night after an energetic start – it felt great to be back on trail!

3 thoughts on “CT – Day 1, July 25th

  1. Awesome stuff. So glad you are getting to experience another amazing adventure!

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