Day 133-135, July 13th-15th

Miles from Springer Mountain: 2161.9 Miles to Mount Katahdin: 30.1 It’s been a whirlwind of emotion during my time in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. Every so often a southbounder will congratulate me on my accomplishment, the signs post fewer and fewer miles to Katahdin, I’m now on the second to last page of my guidebook,Continue reading “Day 133-135, July 13th-15th”

Day 120-123, June 30-July 3rd

Miles from Springer Mountain: 1971.6 Miles to Mount Katahdin: 220.4 Thinking Maine would be easy can go in the books as one of my biggest underestimations on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been completely getting my butt kicked over the last few days and my body has taken a beating. My knees constantly ache, my jointsContinue reading “Day 120-123, June 30-July 3rd”

Day 30-32, April 1-3

Miles from Springer Mountain: 428.5 Miles to Mount Katahdin: 1763.5 The last three days have been extremely noteworthy and momentous, days that keep me motivated to be on this beautiful trail. The minor accomplishments accelerate towards major as the bigger picture becomes more recognizable. On the 1st I finished my second state on the AT,Continue reading “Day 30-32, April 1-3”

Complete Gear Listing

LIVING Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40L, 33.6 oz. (2017 Version)Gossamer Gear The Two, w/ Stakes & Stuff Sack, 30 oz.Black Diamond Ergo Cork Trekking Poles, 18 oz.Enlightened Equipment Revelation, 20 oz. (Rated 30 Degrees)Therma Rest Z Lite Sol, 14 oz. COOKING Pot/Bowl Combo: Snowpeak Mini Solo Cookset, 6.4 oz.Spork: Snowpeak Titanium Spork, .6 oz.Gas: MSR Butane,Continue reading “Complete Gear Listing”

Hiking Plan – Prior to Start

The listing below is a simple, non-rigid hiking plan starting on March 3rd, constructed as a guideline to give myself an understanding of places I can meet people, how many days off I can take to reach my goal, and a baseline to plan for sleeping accommodations. This plan below hovers around the 20 milesContinue reading “Hiking Plan – Prior to Start”


Hiking Shirt Long Sleeve: Patagonia Capilene Zip Neck, 4 oz.Hiking Shirt Short Sleeve: Patagonia Nine Trails T Shirt, 2.7 oz.Hiking Pants: Patagonia Quandary Pants, 10 oz.Hiking Socks: Darn Tough Hiking Socks, 4 oz.Hiking Shoes: Asics Gel Scram 4, 23.1 oz.Jacket: Patagonia Down Jacket w/ Hood, 15.1 oz.Rain Jacket: Patagonia Houdini, 3.3 oz.Underwear: Adidas Climalite BoxerContinue reading “Clothing”

My First Appalachian Trail Experience

The first time I ever stepped foot onto the Appalachian Trail was in 2014. A friend and I decided spontaneously that we were going to hike at least some small part of it. Within about 3 days we met, decided where we were going, borrowed some gear from our youth pastor, and were driving 10Continue reading “My First Appalachian Trail Experience”


Stuff Sack: Sea to Summit 13L Breakfast:Instant OatmealBelvita Breakfast Biscuits Pop-Tarts (maybe)Instant Coffee Packets Lunch:Bagels and SalamiCrackers and CheeseTortillas and MeatChicken Salad Wraps Dinner:Ramen NoodlesMac N’ Cheese Packet Snacks:Beef JerkyTrail MixEnergy BarsSunflower SeedsPropel Powder PacketsHoney Stinger WafflesPowdered Peanut Butter Extras:Salt and Pepper PacketsSriracha PacketsSoy Sauce Packets The picture listed below is just a sampling, aContinue reading “Nutrition”


Electronics Phone w/ case: Iphone X, 7.54 oz.Charging Cable/Box: Amazon Tough Cable, 1.5 oz.Headphones: Apple Headphones, .5 ozPower Bank: Anker 20100, 12.5 oz.Headlamp: Petzyl Actik, 3 oz. Leisure Writing Pad/Utensil: Small Notebook w/ Pen, 6.6 oz.Book(s): Various, no more than 10 oz. Extras Knife: Opinel No. 10, 2.5 oz.Duct Tape: Wrapped around Hand Sanitizer, aboutContinue reading “Electronics/Accessories/Extras”


Towel: REI Lite Towel, Large, 6.1 oz.Trowel: Vargo Dis, .6 oz.First Aid Kit: 2.75 oz.Insect Repellent: Jungle Juice, 3 oz.Tooth Brush/Paste: Brush (Cut in Half), .3 oz. Sensodyne, 3.7 oz.Floss: .3 oz.Finger Nail Clippers: Small, .6 oz.Hand Sanitizer: 3.4 oz.Toilet Paper: 2 Rolls, 8 oz. Meds:Advil, 40 Count, .9 oz.Biotin, 40 Count, .5 oz.Men’s One-A-Day,Continue reading “Toiletries/Hygiene”

Cooking System

Pot/Bowl Combo: Snowpeak Mini Solo Cookset, 6.4 oz.Spork: Snowpeak Titanium Spork, .6 oz.Gas: MSR Butane, 4 oz.Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket, 2.6 oz.Water Bottle: Nalgene UL, 3.5 oz.Water Reservoirs: Platypus 70 oz. & 34 oz.Water Purifier: Aquafira Treatment (1 oz.) & Sawyer Squeeze (4 oz.)Paracord: 550 Paracord 30′, 2.5 oz. Also included… Bic lighter (.7 oz.)Continue reading “Cooking System”


Enlightened Equipment Revelation, 20 oz. (Rated 30 Degrees)Therma Rest Z Lite Sol, 14 oz. The EE Revelation is a quilt, so instead of zipping to the top like a standard sleeping bag, it only has a couple buttons and sinch straps to tighten it around your body. Used with the sleeping pad it is aContinue reading “Sleeping”


Gossamer Gear The Two, w/ Stakes & Stuff Sack, 30 oz.Black Diamond Ergo Cork Trekking Poles, 18 oz. Easily the most expensive purchase of all my gear. I am ok with sacrificing a few extra ounces to get some extra breathing space – it’s perfect to relax in, with all my gear comfortably next toContinue reading “Tent”